Beauty Tip of the Day

Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dgn jalan sabar dan mengerjakan
sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk.

Al-Baqarah 2:45





I have these few dates that I can't hardly wait.

25th June 2010. Friday. Felt nervous juga. Sebab a red letter day for my BFF. Moga everything is going to be good for her. And also her birthday. Can I wish her an advance birthday?  I call her mother because she's my mother in efbi. Hehe. Wahai my dearest cik Anggun...

Happy birthday mother.
Moga panjang umur.
Murah rezeki.
Happy always.
Success sokmo.
Bahagia dunia akhirat.
And most of aLL, cepat2 kahwin.
Urm. Moga dapat kerja yang best~ 
SORRY and THANKS for everything.
p/s : xde hadiah. sebab dah bagi in advance dulu. lalala~
But I'll try to do the rose ball using ribbons tu. Harap2 berjaya. 
Tapi nanti2lah ea... Tengah MALAS. =P

27th June 2010. Wedding day. My biggest and eldest brother's wedding. Kali ni I dapat tender bagi bunga telur lagi, Sama macam masa kakak Abang wedding few years back. But this time is in orange. Last time it's green. Sangat tak sabar. Sebab it also means that, it's GATH TIME!!! =) Have I told you people why I loved weddings? 

2nd July 2010. A sister is coming back from Timur Tengah. So, days after that, I don't know when, she'll be coming to Key eLL. And also a brother is coming Key eLL also. But I'm not sure the exact date.

4th July 2010. A brother is officially a UKMers. Dan ini adalah something big. Kena betul2 prepare myself. Because I made him a BIG promise. Macam ini, this brother of mine keep asking me when I'll be getting married. So, I told him, tunggu dia masuk UKM baru dia boleh tanya. And I kept telling him, make sure masuk UKM, if not, I can't get married. And now, here goes. Dia dah dapat masuk UKM. So, Kena cari duit cepat2. But it doesn't means that I need to get married ASAP. Sebab I only promised I'll get married. But not when I'll get married.  (putar belit ayat) Haish. Tu lah. janji lagi benda pelik2. Kan kena tunaikan janji tu. But somehow, I'm HAPPY he gets to get into UKM. May he grads with flying colours  nanti. Amin. Dan bukan macam I. Main-main+menggedik je lebih masa degree dulu. =)

5th July 2010. An elder sister is going to register Masters in UKM. She's becoming a UKMers also. Weee. Ada geng. Eventhough tak sama course kannn... =)


And oh, My result is out. But I don't feel like having a peek on it. And, I don't know when I need to go back to UKM to start my new semester. Teruk kan? =P

And actually, a friend is in Malaysia. From Indo. Thinking of meeting her up. But somehow, I don't feel like doing so. Don't know why.

And I get a text just now. A friend is inviting me for a gath on this Sunday. Actually it's supposed to be on Friday(tomorrow). But Somehow, they postponed it till SUnday. Wall Climbing nearby Giant Shah Alam. Schoolmates. But I don't feel like turning up. Okay. Since my SUnday is being spared for big bro's wed, OF COURSE I'm not going. But even if it's on Friday, I don't feel like coming also. My bad. Don't feel like meeting them. KEjam kan? Not until I graduated, get a job or my wedding day. But, who knows. I might change my mind somehow.

And now I really really felt like going and hire a CIA ke apa. Haish. Dah tak tau dah apa cerita gadis kecil itu. I hope she's doing good. Really good. Seminggu ke tah dia koma. THe first time I went to visit my lil brother at PUSRAWI, hati rasa luluh sangat. Sebab, yelah. Orang yang aktif kan then kita nampak cam dia atas katil. Dan time tu dia just sakit hati je. Tapi, dia dah recover. And sekarang jejaka itu semangat backpacking around KL. Alhamdulillah. MOga dia sihat selalu. Ni, gadis ni sakit more than just sakit hati. MORE than that. Sebab tu lah she really means it when she's saying that she don't want her loved ones see her being sick. And thinking that by knowing her condition will make her loved ones sad. Even I pujuk2 macamana pun, she kept saying that. Tapi somehow, hati ini tak dapat nak deny and menipu yang I really wanted to see her. Sooo badly. Sister, be strong okay. My prayers are with you. People keep saying, I need to be strong for her. Tapi I myself dah lack of time to entertain her. Kadang-kadang kita ingat. Kadang-kadang kita lupa. Banyak distractions. I'm not making excuse. Bcoz I felt bad for her. Sebab hari tu I didn't reply dia punya text sebab lupa punya pasal (I didn't remember what I'm up to masa itu) Dan kadang2 memang takde mood nak text sapa2 pun. Then macam effect her. Sebab dia macam lonely. And then dia rasa sedih. And. Her blood pressure turun. And... Ish. I hate this feeling. YA ALLAH, ampunkan aku. T_T

And yang kat Penang tu, jangan nakal2 okay. Study leklok. Plan your time wisely, Plan your schedule. Bila nak wat lab report. Bila nak wat tutorial. Bila nak tengok tv (kalau tgklah kan). Sebab my tv hours, pagi sabtu and ahad. Cartoons! hehe. Then, bila nak basuh baju. Well, itu pun aktiviti juga okay. Jangan lupa, kadang2 go for a walk ke, exercise ke. Dapatkan oksigen lebih. PLAN YOUR EXPENSES. Jangan boros2. And yang paling penting, have fun! i enjoyed my matrix life. So, I really hoped that you enjoyed yours too. Ada masa, I'll go visit you. InsyaALLAH. On the way balik Kedah je tu.

Berapa banyak and daaaaa...

Semoga segalanya berjalan dengan lancar. Amin. 

P/S : Nak dedicate this song to all of you. Atas Nama Cinta. UNIC. Elok untuk yang belum married. Dan masih belajar. Macam I. hehe.


miss.efa said...

Entri yg pnjg.
haha..suke2..excited nak jadi UKMers!
btw..nak pg utara? haha..nak ikut tau kakak! :P

tyanoty said...

i'll wait.. =))

You know what’s beautiful?

Your eyes blinking, your pupils dilating when you’re euphoric, the curve of your smile, the shade of your teeth, the arch of your back, the fingers typing, the breathing thing you do, the thoughts. Your thoughts. How you think is beautiful; how a thought comes to mind is…a miracle, how you operate, how you are; just you. In every sense of the word; all your blood cells, neurons, organs, your limbs, your soul. You are breathtaking, mashaa’Allaah.


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