Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dgn jalan sabar dan mengerjakan
sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk.

Al-Baqarah 2:45


Hi people. Here, I'm going to share some of my interview experience. Not much. But i hope it helps.

1. Jpa scholarship.

After SPM, I get an interview to further my studies overseas. The session started by, writing an essay of what course that I plan to take and in which country and why (if I'm not mistaken). This writing essay session was held in a cold hall, located at Intec, Shah Alam. That was for the first session.
For the next session, we have a group interview. It was a group of 8 @ 10 people (can't recall). We passed the file full of our certificates to the interviewers. In the room. There were chairs+tables arranged in U form, facing the interviewers of course. We are given a topic. I can't remember the topic. But there, the interviewers instruct us to discuss in however ways. So we picked a 'pengerusi majlis' and started discussing. Thus, it was like a debate. Where everyone tried to give out ideas. 'i'm agree with... But...' My friends' session is different. Her group choosed for everyone to speak up their ideas one by one. Therefore, she gets the scholarship. Lucky her. Me? I dont get through though. ;p

2. PAC. PTD Assessment Centre.
We are assigned in groups. And have this big tag needed to hang over our neck. From faraway, people can already recognize you. There are group discussions and also, physical test. My comments, the group discussion are horrible. Haha. I went there with lack of information(compared to others) about history, current issues, and my brain can't think of ideas. There are like 4 or 5 group sessions. With different topics and different objectives. There are problem solving, history, current issues and also presentation of a topic given(alone). As for the physical test, during that weekend, it rained. Ssupposedly, we need to run for about a few kilometers. But somehow, we end up doing steps for aerobic. In groups. Had some few ideas since I just came back from facilitating a camp few weeks before. Okayh. That was then.

3.Customer service at Scicom.

Okayh. Idk much about this post, and I left my SPM cert somewhere at home. Because? The person that I asked of certs needed for me to bring, doesn't mention anything of SPM cert. So I didn't bring it. Haha. We had a writing test whuch requires us to answer some maths questions and also write some english and malay essay. Like the eng and malay essay, we are given some situations, and we need to write back and email answering the situation with some guidance about the content for the email. And the interviewer asked on, why they should hire me. 

4.AMLA post.
Anti-Money Laundering post.
The interviewers asked on why they should hire me and also my understandings of the post. And also what I know about the company. *can't recall much about this interview. ;p*

5.Customer Service.

This was diff. The interviewer is the head of the dept. Thus, she asked more on my expectations, hopes and plans for Mathematics since my background is Mathematics. She asked me on my experiences, and what I'd been doing since Dec 2010. And why I'm not working after I finished my degree in Mei 2009. 

6.something regarding calling people about credits cards.*can't recall the post*

Ohkay. As for this post, I'm not really into it. Cause it's in Jamek and I'm not mobile. ;p thus I don't study much about the company. When arrived, we are gathered in one waiting room. Then each of us were called on by one. *same like the no 3 interview* They asked me on 'what do I know about the company' which I talked crap. *pls don't do this* They also asked me 'can you handle stress?' 

Above all, basically the similarities for the interviewers was, they asked me to tell something about myself. *A must question* That's all. not much to be shared but I hoped, it helps. For those who are going for interviews, all the best kay? Doa banyak banyak. ;p

Salam Ramadhan~


Ramadhan is coming! Mari sama sama keja kebekatan bulan Ramadhan~

Tahun ini kena bagi duit Raya kah? Hihi. ;p

Kalau tak ikhlas, buat apa pun tak jadi. Usaha doa tawakal.


Mei 2007.

Mei 2007. That's the starting. Now Julai 2011. Kiralah dah berapa tahun. Kalau tu umur seorang kanak kanak, dah boleh masuk tadika dah. Last few months, my words made you cry. Or at least, that's what I thought. And today, I cried. Macam hati runtun baca kata kata itu. What happened? Mana boleh saya biarkan awak macam tu je.


Nightmare, again.


Last night, i had a nightmare. It was sooooooo not cool to have a nightmare. Waking up in the morning, I felt restless although i slept way early last night. I dreamed that Mr Celcom died. I know, it was over between us, but having that kind of dream isn't a nice thing to happen. Told this to sanchez. He says that, this dream means that Mr Celcom is going to live long. And just to pray the best. May Allah bless Mr Celcom, always. Amin. 


Not again.

I guess that I'm having depression again. Dislikes this. I dreamed that I'm carrying a baby again. And I hate this kind of dream. Cause it might means something negative. Might. 

Yup. I'm the bad daughter. Kannn? 


The factory.

Salam. Good morning people. How's life? Have you get enough sleep last night? Me? I'm not sure of that. Cause since yesterday, my shoulder aches. Waking up this morning, it still aches. 

Continuing last post, about the factory. The factory was somewhere in Beranang. All the way there, my heart beats fast. Never went there. Yet somehow, at least I have some experience in baking cakes. It might help, and when I arrived there, it does helps.

Beranang is a village. And it makes me missed going back to Kodiang badly. It had been quite a while, though. This is my second time meeting this friend's family member. Here, just name it. Friend's grandmother, grandfather, aunts, father, sibling, future in law are all there. Helping out in the factory. At first, I helped out by mixing up the ingredients in the mixer. Eggs, milk, flour. Then, i helped out at the packaging section. At the factory, there were like at least 10 ovens. I bet mommy would be very excited with the ovens since our oven at home isn't working well. Friend keeps asking me whether I'm tired or not. Since on Saturday night I'm having a bad headache. Around 430 friend forced me to go rest at grandma's room. And I did. i slept for one hour. I'm not good in asking permission to leave. Especially when everyone is busy and I don't want people to stop work just to send me home. And since my charger is lost, my celcom phone is out of battery, and my maxis phone battery is also finishing. 

Had dinner with them. After maghrib and dinner, I'm already on my way back. Wanna know what I get for my pay helping out? A 50g Herbalife peach flavour mix! This is so exciting! Hehe. ;p 

p/s : Do not go to people's house and sleep there. It's not polite. Last time, when I did this, my friend's parents wants their son to marry me. ;p

My part of KMNS Homecoming.

Salam. Hi all. 

I can't make myself sleep right now. I think I'm overdose of sleep. Hehe. ;p

Last Friday, I took a leave. Purposely to get myself ready or whatever things i need to prepare to be ready for the Saturday, KMNS Homecoming. And also to settle my bank problem. I mean, my problem with bank. Online banking. So not good on using it. ;p

Thus, that friday evening, I started my journey to Kuala Pilah with these 4 girls that makes me feel so old. Since they are talking about whoever Idk at all. Arriving at OSC, And that's when I saw many aliens. I mean, people which I'm not familiar with. Met Fafau, and of course, we talked about money. Trying to focus with the briefing, or biro report (this I'm not sure), I saw this two girls staring at me. Purposely! Because I know they like to do this to anyone they are close with. That's Yufi and Una! Okay, less aliens. Haha. 

And I slept at 4 am(cause that's the last time I remembered the clock is when I'm still awake) the next day and get myself up at 630. 2.5 hours of sleep! Ironic right? Since I started work, I'll be asleep by 10 o'clock at least. Yet, work must be done. When I arrived at the D cafe that saturday morning, thinking I'm late and it's 730 and the reg starts at 800, i saw only 4 guys eating breakfast! Yet they tought they are early. Nvm.

The AGM was superb! Cause I made a bad presentation about the budget. And yes of course, because kak fai, agon, nana and tasnim was there also. Somehow, I didn't manage to talk much with nana and tasnim since they arrived late. But I do missed these faces so much. I talked heart to heart with kak fai. About things that happened to both of us. And somehow, althought I'm backdated with like 2 years of working experience, this moment, right now, I'm grateful with what I have. At least, I have a job. Rather than my other friends, still searching for one. It's like, hearing kakak saying, 'it's okay', it really does make my day. And agon's craziness. Some people remains the same although after some years we met again, don't they? 

That Saturday, was a longggggg day. After the AGM, I went to the reg counter. Sitting there, helping, eating, talking, sakating, and uh idk what else I did there. But it's enjoyable when people asked questions and you can expect what their question is and you know, you can answer that question. Or at least, I hope I answer those correctly. Aha. Listening to Khai's stories about his course. And yes, during that Saturday, I bullied Fahmi, a lot. Because his name is like my Fahmi and I missed my Fahmi. Haha. ;p

That night, I hang out with Una at the Surau. At first, my intention is to have a nap there. Somehow, we end up sharing stories. She shared her about her practical stories, and me, of my working stories. Next morning, we headed back to Serdang. And I went on the Komuter to stop by at Batang Benar. Because, I don't wanna trouble Tiqah by finding the Batang Benar station especially when she's rushing for work at 10. And yes, she's late. At Batang Benar, my friend picked me up and we headed to the factory. 

Next post, about factory. Sweet dreams, people! ;p

oh. This was last night's post. ;p


Baik ke jahat?


Just a question. If you need to pick, antara a person yang baik, yang selalu pergi kelas, homework semua siap, cakap pun sopan sopan, treat you so so so nice, and a person yang memang nakal/jahat(certain people, they considers yang nakal tu jahat), pernah ponteng kelas, cikgu/lecturers ingat sebab dia naughty/jahat, tapi at the same time, still treats you so so so nice, which would you pick? 

Macam semua orang pun ada two sides. Ada yang baik dan ada yang jahat. Yang baik tu still boleh jadi jahat. It's just that, you would never know how jahat is jahat for that person. And, if orang yang nakal/jahat tu pula, you dah tau how jahat is jahat, and how baik is baik. It's just that, yang baik boleh jadi jahat dan yang jahat boleh jadi baik, or lagi jahat. But you need to remember, semua orang ada part jahat dan baik itu. So, which would you choose?


Blogging while on board!

Salam. Hi all. Right now, I'm standing in a komuter and on the same time, I'm blogging. Voila! It's makes blogging much much more easier. And on the same time, this makes me talk crap more online. Haha.

Okay. I arrived my destination. Till then, see ya!


It was yesterday.

Salam. Hi people! It's Wednesday. So, how's your week? I hope you're doing magnificent. ;p

Yesterday was a stressful day. I get distracted. Almost get myself frustrated, stressful, and all those negative feelings. Somehow, thank you dear brother. For finally you manage to come over and have a lunch with me. Thank you sooooo much! You made my day. And yes, thank you Mommy for making my food cravings a reality! I was craving for cakes. Blackforest. And also, thank you Allah for giving me these people around. I am blessed. Happy. Although it's a stressful day, especially when the due date is sooooo near, there are things I should be thankful for. It's a less than one hour lunch, but a meaningful one. I enjoyed spending time eating with brother, or anyone. Cause i know that's one time that brother or others are happy. Food! That's why, i'm working very hard to lose weight currently. Especially when it's hangout=eat time!

Have a nice week, people~

You know what’s beautiful?

Your eyes blinking, your pupils dilating when you’re euphoric, the curve of your smile, the shade of your teeth, the arch of your back, the fingers typing, the breathing thing you do, the thoughts. Your thoughts. How you think is beautiful; how a thought comes to mind is…a miracle, how you operate, how you are; just you. In every sense of the word; all your blood cells, neurons, organs, your limbs, your soul. You are breathtaking, mashaa’Allaah.


You can’t control the things that happen to you but you can control the way you react to them. It’s all perception.
You Again (Movie)