Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dgn jalan sabar dan mengerjakan
sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk.

Al-Baqarah 2:45


We plan, Allah also plans. But Allah s.w.t. plans are the best.


It will be 4 days left to Ramadhan. How's preparation? I'm good. InsyaALLAH. It will be my first year fasting in Ramadhan as a wife. But abam will be quite busy with work somehow. Not sure how frequent we'll meet up & have our food together. 

Trust me, this same month, year 2010, I never expect that he'll be my captain to guide our journey to Heaven. Alhamdulillah, Allah knows best. The breakup that time was the best thing that could happen. I'm glad that Allah gave me the strength to move on, to learn to love once again.

Us, might not be perfect enough. Putting all those flaws away, things falls into place. Happily, or not, we have to accept. We quarrel a lot. I get frustrated. Girls will always thought their father is the best guy in the whole wide world. I searched for a guy that have lots of similarities with my father. The only thing I manage to get is a 4th child, and an engineer graduate. And that's it. Comparing will only makes me upset. I learned to understand and accept him the way he is. And still, I'm learning. 7 month living as husband and wife is not enough. There's always more to learn and more to give. 

Happy thoughts last Saturday, I made him a surprise. :)

Thinking of a surprise next TUesday but not sure yet how. Or maybe, not a surprise at all. hehe. 

I bet, I sometimes frustrates him as well. I know, a guy will always thought their mother is the best person in the whole wide world. Definitely, I won't be able to replace her late mother's care and love. Just what's from me, a wife is what I can give.  

I was reluctant to update much in this blog thinking that my ex might read my posts. But my thoughts was, for me leave something that people can learn. At least, not repeating my mistakes and learn it the hard way. 

Yes, 7th month, and I don't see myself pregnant yet. I would love to. And I know ALLAH s.w.t. have better plans for us. Till the time comes, seeking & sharing our tears, joy and laughter will be the best way to be stress-free. 

To find a guy that loves you is easy. But to find a guy that accepts your flaws, that holds on during the thunderstorms is a once in a blue moon. Grab it and never let go.

Salam Ramadhan.     

May you have a great day~

Thank you. 

Yours sincerely,


Be positive, patient & persistent.


Dear all,
I have so much to babble when I'm going to sleep, in the toilet, driving home alone, yet little time to write here. My plan was, a  quote for every post. For me to get myself positive. Or a nice picture to share that I found online.

Ramadhan is just around the corner & I'm counting days. It's normal for newly weds to count for Ramadhan or AidilFitri right? Aha. I'm looking forward for Aidilfitri so that we gets reunited.(This sentence sounds strange) Yeahhh!

I still boycott kuih Raya though. :D

Everytime I'm racing myself home after work, it kept me thinking. "Nak balik rumah ke balik Semenyih? Ke nak balik rumah ibu? Dua dua ada syurga. Tapi penat ulang-alik. Sigh." So I just told myself, Kakla, you're a strong girl. Kakla is the strong one. And I drove myself home. And the rutine goes on and on and on~

Be patient.

Kalau tak ikhlas, buat apa pun tak jadi. Usaha doa tawakal. “The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.” :D



Apakah manusia itu mengira bahwa mereka dibiarkan (saja) mengatakan:”Kami telah beriman”, sedang mereka tidak diuji lagi?


The grass always looks greener on the other side of the road.

I have to stay strong.

Dalam keadaan badan macam ini, sentiasa rasa mati itu dekat. Dah malas nak jumpa doktor. Malas nak makan ubat.

Ampunkan dosa dosa saya.


You know what’s beautiful?

Your eyes blinking, your pupils dilating when you’re euphoric, the curve of your smile, the shade of your teeth, the arch of your back, the fingers typing, the breathing thing you do, the thoughts. Your thoughts. How you think is beautiful; how a thought comes to mind is…a miracle, how you operate, how you are; just you. In every sense of the word; all your blood cells, neurons, organs, your limbs, your soul. You are breathtaking, mashaa’Allaah.


You can’t control the things that happen to you but you can control the way you react to them. It’s all perception.
You Again (Movie)