Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dgn jalan sabar dan mengerjakan
sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk.

Al-Baqarah 2:45


Post wedding.


I didn't get to post in here. Time envies me.

However, infinite of thanks for everyone. Du'a, Gifts, Wishes, Efforts, Time, Money, everything that had been contributed to make our wedding happen.


Too many things to share here, yet too little time.

Let's go throught the tense one more time. Aha.

On Thursday, A'idah came. And helped with hantaran.

On Friday, Mira, Era, Teja, Ocha, Fafau, Tiqah, Elly came. Era helped with hantaran also. The other girls helped with the doorgifts. *i purposely left the doorgift for them to finish up* :P
They helped to clean up the living room, makes the house more merrier. Aida was saying that my house doesn't look like there's a wedding to be held. Wait till they come. Meriahhh jadinya. Mommy was so amazed by how creative some of the girls are. It pleases me. Lega, I asked help from the right person.

Credits to:
Mommy for the Purple dress, hand bouquet, sponsor of veil,
Daddy for the Cash :D
Iyah, for being my bridesmaid.
Are are for the nice video which we cannot show during our dinner due to the Dewan System is backdated.
Aiman for being pengapit lelaki.
Yusuf for being supportive sanggup tak pergi study sebab SMA demi nak bagi sokongan Kakla Wen Wen.
Aisyah for being my cute little PA. Always.
Azuha for the pictures.
Yufi & bro for the video - tak sabar nak tengok siap
Awienda Pengantin chanteq - For being my one stop centre in asking about catering, pelamin, dress, makeup, etc.
Jijuscakestoshare - for the delicious brownies as doorgift.
Green Chocolate Canary - For the crispy pretzels in one of my hantaran dulang.
Amalina - For the pretty and yummy cupcake in one of my hantaran dulang. My mommy ask to order again. haha
RathiqahAzmira - For the pretty dresses my flower girls wore on our wedding dinner.
HanezzArts - For the gorgeous guestbook.
Iqbal Hamzi (DJ Islamik) - As the MC & one spot centre for pembaca doa & nasyid & kompang.
Relatives yang datang dari jauh just to be there on my red letter day.

Who else?

Apparently, there's only person born in the same year with me in this picture.
Try to guess?
En. Abang Fahmi sayang. :D

 Kalau tak ikhlas, buat apa pun tak jadi. Usaha doa tawakal.



9.11.13. Officially Mrs Firdaus. Alhamdulilah. =D

This will be a short one. I'll write a longer one, hopefully soon. =)
Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for your blessings. Thank you dear mommy, daddy, siblings, relatives, friends, and each of everyone that helps and become a part of colours in our new journey of life.
I'm officially Mrs Firdaus. May this new responsibility can be carry through, InsyaAllah.
It's 5 Muharram. New year, new life, new status, new family, new responsibility.

May Allah ease. Today is day 4. Went to Kundasang day 1-3. And it's like a dream come true. Been wanting to come here since... 2nd year I guess. Pakcik RAM's influence.  Aha.


nebes dah


saya makin nebes. haha

 Kalau tak ikhlas, buat apa pun tak jadi. Usaha doa tawakal.



Stranded in office haha


Right now I'm stranded in office. Everybody else have left as it's Fridayyyy so kena balik cepat.

Sitting alone here, it's killing me. How much so many things hurts me inside. Betul, kena bersangka baik. Mesti ada hikmah kenapa semua jadi.

Yet it still hurt. And I know how crazy I can be when I'm so upset.

LIke few months before I was so upset with my backup sebab dia nak cuti lama lama. Alasan 9 nov tu adik dia engage. Well, I'm getting married kot. And your sister is only engaged. Your sister and not you. I sopped myself from being upset. But when a colleague brought it up, Why is she taking leave so long? And it's her sister yang nak engage. Bukan dia yang nak kahwin. I told myself, takpe. Cuti lepas kahwin lama. 3 hari extra. Keep it for study.

Like I want to tell kisah sekolah. Masa sekolah, kami berempat from same school masuk same SBP. Tapi different dorm. 2 of us sama la. I was quite close with only 2 of them. Yang lagi sorang kurang close. tapi sebab same organization masa sekolah, so we still getto work together. Now dah geng la. Sebab she's the type yang suka menyumbang experience and such. Then what happened was, we kept a promise, nanti kalau one of us kahwin, nanti yang lain akan jadi pengapit. So macam the last one kahwin kena cari orang lain la kan. You know, when you've been so long in falling in love, breaking apart, and falling in love again thingy, when there's one time you finally get to settle down, it was an awesomely heaven happiness. Then you wanted to share with everyone around you, trying not to miss out any single person. So I told them I'm getting married. Y was sooo happy. And excited. And keep asking when so that she can come. Even she wanted to come on engagement but she's having some difficulties in her studies that won't let her to come and join the event. But from Z, I dunno, maybe she does feels happy for me. And I asked, can one of you become my bridesmaid, both said no. I understood if Y, her concern is more on, if she promise and not yet settle with her studies, it will be hard on her. And risky as the preparations been made-clothes and stuff but couldn't make it. But as Z, I dunno. But we promised. I was so upset. And as Z's parents lives nearby, and as she comes back home every weekend,  I told her, so you can tag along when I don some shopping. She asked in return, what for? What will you feel? Y gave me some good news earlier this week. She's finally a dentist. Finished her tesis. Going to graduate angkat sumpah end of Nov and the best part is... She's coming to my wedding! I'm so overwhelmed! Z really upsets me. last few weeks, she told me she couldn't make it as her father wants to go back to Penang. Macam, I tried to give many options so that she could come walaupun just the rehearsal on Friday Pm but yet... Still a NO. Yet, she manages to go to a wedding of a friend of ours in Perak like in August. Mother says, both of us are drifted already. And let go. Mother, it hurts.

But Alhamdulillah, Y can come and it does excites me. I hope Y's turn will come soon. May she found the right person for her.

You know what, I have so many amazing people helping for my wedding.

Mummy and daddy expecially.
Some girls for my protocol agents.
a friend doing my guestbook.
a girl sewing my protocol agent's dresses
a junior as MC and he helped to find some kompang people also.

And I have some friends and sisters wanting to see me but I dunno when.

How I wish there's 10 of me so that I can please their request.

Organizing a wedding is tiring. But it's a once in a lifetime event that I won't forget.



Exactly 9 days left =)


It's 31st Oct today. Month end. Yes, I know. Somehow, so far this month it's better. There are some changes internally, and I'm seeing brighter future for my work load. Somehow, I need to stay positive, right? aha. ::p

Fahmi is already on his way home. I hope that he'll arrive safely. LCCT I guess. Happyyy =)

As at today, many things are not ready yet.
1. I need to go buy some stuffs to finalised the house for guests. Eg, hooks to gantung gantung baju. as budget constraint to but new almari - see how.
2. chocolates, cupcakes & fruits for hantaran. - last minute stuffs as takut cair~
3. Inai - belum beli. haha
4. cadar - pun belum beli
5. baju gadis- belum siap
6. guest book - belum siap
7. Our reception attires. Nampak sangat mendahulukan yang wajib so baju nikah awal awal dah settle.
8. And the list goes on and on and on
9. doorgift- pun belum siap

Counting the days and I'm getting more nervous

Nur itu cahaya


Another day

Life's miserable.

Arrived home after 8. With this kkk still sick and behind neighbour mc. My to do list screwed up.

No lunch today. Kena pergi settle pelamin. Minum horlicks je. And bread at 5. Now i'm starving. Plan to go home after done keying in POs but tak sempat. Kena balik at 6 ambil iyah kesian ibu migrain again. And I'm too tired to stay longer.
People bising due to the pelamin. Mahalla etc. But when asked to teman nobody want to teman kata busy. And takkan tak tau kakla memang fail tawar menawar?

Cepat cepat gi toilet bila sampai rumah sebab dah jam 7 nak solat maghrib. Turun bawah dah start solat and no place for me to squeeze in. So rugi 26 pahala. Now? Blackout. Nice kan.

Have a nice day~


healing depression


2 years ago, I get  myself depressed. But I never went to a real diagnose by a doctor. Concern is, a doctor friend told me once, "Once you're diagnosed with a psychiatric sickness, it will stay with you forever". So I don't get myself diagnose as it may cause me difficulty in applying some other jobs. During that time, I wasn't happy working here. Well, I don't feel happy right now either. But due to the upcoming event, what other choices do I have? I the current job is located not far from home.

One way. do your solat, read Al-Quran. It does help. Blogging, is my other way. I need to tell some one. At least, when blogging, I get to let things out. I don't care if there's nobody reading this blog; which is better, but for me, it eases my burden, what I kept inside. Cause in some other way, there's nobody who listens. Anymore.

People won't want to know what's happening to you unless they seek for it. And rather than the answer being so disappointing as people expect some other answers instead, might as well, smile and tell, 'everything is fine and under control'. But the fact is, NOTHING is FINE.

So I kept my blog. And write craps here as a way to heal myself.

Bye FB


It's hard to be ourself. Sometimes, we just wanna scream telling people we need help and support but in the end we're blamed for the sound we make.

But they say, do tell us if you need  help.

So, never be ourself. People won't like it.

People only liked the you that is happy, never had problems, smiling 24/7, never grumbled, never cried, never get stressed of all the messy stuff around.

No, don't be ourself. be the us that people likes.

Bye FB.  

I always say this to myself, not to put anything into my FB account.

But I keep breaking my own promise.

So here goes, only for the upcoming event and PM.

Others, you won't see me anymore.

Because people HATES me when I'm being real.

Let's be fake, shall we?

Have a nice day



Writing here just to tell you that there's...

29 days left! Yayyy. haha. Stress.

Kalau tak ikhlas, buat apa pun tak jadi. Usaha doa tawakal.



2 years back

Today, ngam ngam another month to go.

This Zuhur today, I had a chat with a colleague in the surau. You know, masa nak siap siap then you can have a short chat? She was telling me about one of her friends going to have some kind of bachelorette partayyy the night of my reception. What happened was, there's a quote, "things happened when you least expects it."

And it goes to where I was last 2 years. That time , I was so depressed. But lucky me, to have some closest friends supporting me. Just to see me happy. Epa masa tu baru masuk UKM. Now dah anak satu. Kejap je kan? Dia antara org yg paling rajin melayanku. Bawak wani tengok wayang. Tengok belon. Epa n suami. Mandi sungai. And masa tu lah a guy, yang I never talked to during matriks said hi. Now, lagi sebulan je to our wedding. With Afiq yang melayan je my crazy texts. And Mr Sanchez that never get bored to ask how I'm doing. I'm a big girl already. :)

Well, things happened when we least expect it. I was hoping for a higher increment next year. But Allah gave me a permanent position instead. Alhamdulillah. At least next year can put suami under Insurance coverage. But things do come with a price. I'm looking forward to perform better at work. InsyaALLAH.

Just go with the flow. Make new friends. Go find old friends. Who knows, heaven awaits you?


Tired, stress.


Everything is just around the corner. Wedding, spm, lcci exam.

On my way back home last night after class, I get some strength. As during class, teachers, classmate were giving motivation. Kak fid herself was saying, although she's not taking the exam, "Alang2 dah pergi Exam, might as well aim for Distinction". Dapat cert attend part time LCCI class tu pun dah rasa sangat happy, my effort is worth it.

Few months left. And life can be back to normal, I hope. Things might change though as I'm already a wife by next year.

Seriously, sangat penat. Lately pukul 7+ baru nak balik rumah. Balik rumah makan tidur. If ada class, at 930 bru nk smpi rumah sebab pergi class straight from office.

Sabtu, the only day nak basuh baju, kemas bilik, cuci toilet, settle whatever stuff with mummy, jadi anak yang baik.

Sunday, class, settle whatever stuff with Mr F.

And the last thing I want to happen is arriving home tirelessly and have a quarrel with daddy.

Ya Allah, ku mohon urusan mudah.

I must finish what I have started.

May you have an awesome day


Mama hilang

Last weekend, I went for a course. 2 days course. My point here is not about the course. So for those 2 nights i don't sleep at home. Sunday morning, I stopped by the house to send a bag of cat's food. That morning, mama is still around. When I picked smallerfrom school on Monday evening, she told me Mama is lost. I thought, it will be only for a while. Maybe that night she'll come back. But no. She didn't. My concern is that, not that I feel lonely or what. The only thing is that, kesian Kawan. When Mama came here, she came alone. Then she got pregnant and don't know why, after some while, she took and hid her babies elsewhere, coming here only herself. Not long, she brought a friend, which I called Kawan. Smaller called her celat, like chocolate. Daddy used to use Coffee. Serious, manusia pun tak sebaik macam ni. Nanti akan makan sama sama. Share satu pinggan. Kat luar main sama sama. Bila dua dua ada dalam rumah, mama akan marah, gigit Kawan, sebab Mama dominant. Macam this is her territory. Tak lama lepas tu kalau letak makanan, dua dua akan makan sama sama. Macam no hard feelings.

And now, bila mama tiada, Kawan macam meroyan. Kalau masuk rumah dia akan pergi jalan satu rumah, naik sampai atas, i guess, searching for mama. Padahal, selama ni, paling jauh dia pergi is di carpet ruang tamu. Which is, 1 meter away from the door. Sedih. Ya Allah, kat mana Mama hilang. Berikanlah petunjukMu. Sedih tengok kawan macam ni.


It's Monday

Dear blog,
It felt like today, I'm in some kind of orientation. There are some ladies wearing white, as if welcoming us to the office. Due to the new parking method in the office area. Also, some guys standing at the side, observing. As if, during the orientation, the teachers or execs are observing the kakak2 faci. :p

Yesterday, I'm stucked in the middle of a conversation I shouldn't be involved in. Or at least, not yet. Being a young teenager is challenge. Being parents or elder sister/brother(s) of a young teenager is more challenging.

I may not be the best example to follow, but I hope you'll get to have a life as a teenager, wonderfully without regrets.


Arriving home.

Dear blog, it blows my heart everytime I arrive home, with the cats lingering, waiting outside or near my vehicle door to greet me.

Then they will run, following me inside the house. Sometimes only up to the door, not wanting to come inside when the door is open. Sometimes they do enter the house though.

I'm gonna miss this moment soon. Sobs.


Pujuk hati


If nak kira today, I have less than 3 months left. Hari hari buat countdown tapi alih alih nothing in progress pun. % tetap sama. Nak marah kat diri sendiri, banyak kali dah buat. Tapi benda macam, everybody else is involved. Nak buat kepala suka hati sangatlah susah. Kena ada persetujuan dari semua pihak. Baik side Fahmi, baik side Kakla. Tiba-tiba nama Fahmi jadi Fahmi sedangkan itu nama manja je. haha.

I'm the first one to be married dalam anak-anak Amran. So I guess Mummy gets overjoyed. The first one right, everything must be perfect. But my thoughts are different. Sebab tahu susahnya nak cari duit, mesti nak buat sesimple yang boleh, semurah yang boleh. I mean, dari segi food, dewan, I cannot tolerate anymore. It's already at their fix price. Tapi I can minimize my spendings on clothings, and barang hantaran especially.

It's once in a lifetime. So it must BE PERFECT. Kena nampak SANGAT cantik. Semua orang kena happy, puas hati. Nanti semua orang puji. I dunno. I don't have any intentions of semua benda tu. Yang penting, majlis berjalan dengan lancar. Semua orang dapat makan, dapat solat, my girls looks gorgeous on that day, and memang penting orang lain happy. Happy sebab dapat makan. Happy sebab selalu orang cakap weddings is like a mini gathering so I suppose orang happy sebab dapat jumpa orang lain yang dah lama tak jumpa? Why spend so much on a 1 day event whereelse the focus should be on the lifetime event?

Macam, bila tengok orang lain kahwin cam, baju cantik cantik, tempah semua, teringin. teringin sangat. But sky is not my limit. I don't want to tempah kesusahan lepas marriage just become nak nampak glamourous masa the 1-day event. Apa yang paling is redha keluarga. The more I ask for, the more daddy will spend. Adik-adik lagi 5 orang kat rumah. Dengan Iyah might be next but-I-dunno-when.

Nak buat pelamin pun nak praktikal. Buat apa ada pelamin tapi takle amek gambar ramai ramai sedangkan purpose orang buat pelamin is untuk amek gambar ramai ramai? Orang lain takde pelamin tak mati pun?

Nak kahwin patut happy tapi kenapa hati susah?

Kalau tak ikhlas, buat apa pun tak jadi. Usaha doa tawakal.



Kena pindah dah?


Ini harta karun anak dara 3 orang. Nasib baik murid darjah 5 punya alatan belum banyak lagi so takde dalam ni. Tak muat raga dah. Does this means that I have to move out? Ohmann...


3.5 months to go


Today is 11th Ramadhan, right? How's fasting? My performance is worst this year. Have to speed up.

I have 3.5 months left for preparations. Stress memang stress. With workload kat office. At office, I'm struggling. Sebab in midth of transition untuk jd CS for another business group. Benda baru at office. And sometimes i do take work personally. Macam company yang menduga at office, I don't want to shop there. Tapi last last pergi juga. With my study macam errr... kak fid and Adam was like, camne nak exam ni.... datang kelas salin then balik then campak buku, bila nak kelas cari buku salin kat kelas and then cycle goes on. Tiba tiba dah 20 dis. Padahal adamlah yang paling rajin antara kitorang tiga. And, SPM, risaukan student sebab he doesn't look prepared. Nanti the blame mestilah on me. Or at least I would be very guilty. Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan...

To do list after raya :
1. Baju - me & fahmi (3 sets), family 7 org & flowergirls maybe 6 orang (2 pasang)
For me and fahmi, tema pun tak set lagi. Haha. Pandai kan? And almost everyday survey baju cantik and murah for my girls. Std price will be 100 @ 200.
2. Dewan. 50% tak bayar pun lagi
3. Hiv test
4. Borang nikah
5. Kad kahwin! Kena jemput pakmns awal2 sebab nak minta sumbangan tenaga dan masa dari diorang. Macam dah lama tak nyusahkan diorang. Ahaha.
6. Slideshow for dinner.
7. prewed video. Taktahu nak buat ke tak sebab free tapi bakat terpendam dah digilap masa berlakon dengan encik awang untuk safiyya mei lepas. So should be okay.
8. Kerajaan selangor ada bagi insentif untuk pasangan yang nak kahwin atau dah kahwin selepas 1 jan 2013. Nak cuba....

Sebab semua benda taknak buat now. Nak tangguh lepas raya kan? Ajak ibu, ibu macam, baju nanti kita beli kain ibu boleh buat.
Ibu nak buat...
1. dress, kakla lagi elok pakai dress. So kalau ibu nak buat kena tiga ya. And kakla nak dress macam princess, boleh tak? Haha. Ok. Takkanlah nak tamak. Dress untuk dinner je kot. Nanti sape nak datang kena pakai dress ok? :p
2. Bunga tangan, dah tengok kak norlie punya bunga tangan. Cantik. And boleh guna untuk deco after wedding. Sebab ada guna felt, chiffon. Tapi ibu nak buat. Buat bunga besar2 nanti susun, voila! Jadi bouquet. K i don't know how.
3. Hantaran, yes hantaran ibu buatkan. Not me. I only spare money for barang hantarans. Kejam tak camni?
Apa lagi ibu nak buat eh...
I wonder sape nak kahwin ni? Haha
And oh, end of august or september ibu ada meeting lagi untuk seminggu so akan susah nak decide lagi. Yes. I memang suka stress stress ni.

Kalau boleh nak saving sebanyak mungkin tapi nape duit kuar cam air je... T_T


Our Engagement, 30th June 2013


Ramadhan is coming soon, tomorrow to be exact. So selamat menunaikan ibadah di bulan Ramadhan. Somehow, this post will be a bit 'lagha' and distracting from Ramadhan. :)

Alhamdulillah, on 30th June, we are officially engaged. I couldn't invite many friends and juniors as I couldn't expect how big the crowd would be on that day. Especially the relatives of Mr F's side.

It was a blessings. I don't have much cousins to rely on. But I have my Achiq and Acu and also Kak Ziah and family, and Alang and Pak Cik Ya(Mummy's elder brother) and family that also turned up last minute.
Daddy, mummy, Iyah, Are Are, Aiman, Yusuf, Aisyah worked hard for this event. I was so stressed out sometimes I lose control. And keep wishing for the event to end as it was so tiring. Thank you for being patience enough. Also, I was so happy when Yufi came and assist the day before because she couldn't come on that day. As my request, A'idah came early that Sunday, and helped me with the make up and accessories. My plan to make up myself was a success. With A'idah's help for the eye liner of course. haha. Atie and Fafau also turned up a bit later than A'idah. Had some big laughs with the girls upstairs. Last but not least, Epa and family. With the bam bam Muhammad and Poor Dedy Muhammad, eating alone outside.

During the make up session, Atie asked, "Kak wani rasa nervous tak?" My answer was, "Tak, tapi rasa sangat excited korang datang." Terharu okay.

At 3 pm, the event is supposed to start. It started a bit late. 315 perhaps. Me and A'idah was struggling upstairs to make me look prettier. Or at least, makes my zits fades and my eyes looks bigger. Haha. After we're done, we spent some time haha-ing, taking pictures, also on me practicing how to sit nicely on kakla's bantal. Not long, Acu came calling me. I went down, a bit shy as people are watching and saw some faces that makes me finally smile. Sat down for one Minute, and suddenly Cik Na is already in front of me. Then the 'sarung cincin' session had been done. It happens so fast. And yeah, We're officially engaged. :)

One of my favourite candid picture for the day. 

Buah-buahan tempatan from me. 
Arrangement by Nak Dilah, Kak Ziah's eldest daughter. 

My hantaran for Mr F. 
Dulang and flowers made by mummy. 

Mr F's hantaran for me. 

It was a short and simple event. There's no pelamin. Just a pillow that mummy made for me. It becomes 'bantal kakla'. haha. And I don't hire a special photographer. Just my sisters. My suggestion, if you don't want to hire a pro photographer for your event, and just a sibling instead; make sure it's a guy! If not afterwards your photographer will feel guilty seeing aunties cleaning up and joined them in the kitchen doing chores. Or at least, a friend. Not much picture but, it's fine.

Food, I hoped the food is nice. There's a lot of left overs. We didn't manage to bungkus for Mr F's family. And I never thought of calling him to come back to take the food. Teruk, kan? :( Semua benda pun lupa. The only thing that was on my mind is to clean up and get a sleep.

Now, I'm starting to focus on my wedding plans. Also, my student's SPM. Glad enough there aren't papers on 11th & 12th Nov.

My English is horror.

Kalau tak ikhlas, buat apa pun tak jadi. Usaha doa tawakal.



Tidak bersyukurkah aku?

Semoga semua dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera.
Alhamdulillah, setakat ini everything berjalan lancar. Cuma, there's a few things that worries me. Semalam and today datang kerja tak bersemangat at all. Maybe because this month-end thingy, or because of haze. Everything looks so blurry.
1. Achiq & Acu to the rescue.
Last Saturday, Achiq and Acu dropped by our house. They just want to ask us how are we doing with this Sunday plan. So mummy show them venue, menu, hantaran stuffs and more of chit chats. Maybe because dah lama tak berjumpa kan. Thanking them for the support. Acu will be cooking some laksa, and maybe some additional foods. I'm not sure of what. Roti jala kot.
2. Iyah balik Malaysia for good.
Alhamdulillah, iyah dah selamat sampai Malaysia last Sunday morning. Beriya bapa suruh kami buat a banner, using other banner. Since Friday night. Aisyah cuts the alphabets. Me and Amirah glued the alphabets on the banner, and added up Iyah's name on it. However we arrived there late. When Iyah bought the ticket, she forwarded us the e-ticket stating that her flight will arrive on 430 am Sunday morning. However, there were changes and we don't get to check earlier until that morning knowing that iyah had arrived the airport at 3, or 330 am. All of us woke up 'terkejutly' and rushed to KLIA airport. Luckily, her friends are also there and waited for us. And of course! The house is lagi bising. But I was too tired to chat.
3. Bafa is sick
Susah hati. He is sick. High fever. With this haze happening, and our engagement few days left, being sick is the last thing that I could wish for. Hoping that he gets well soon. I'm not sure if he gets to have a rest or not. Since his off day is only Sunday.
4. Haze & Engagement & paip bocor
Engagement is this weekend. But the haze thingy worries me. Nanti macamana orang nak makan kalau jerebut teruk? Muat ke kalau semua masuk dalam rumah? Macam macam fikir. Ini baru nak engage dah susah hati macam ni. nanti nak nikah, walimah macamana? Am I being too negative? Sepatutnya happy kan. Some more the pipe underneath the kitchen sink is bocor. And kena panggil plumber semua. But I don't get to think all these.
5. Class
The class is getting harder every week. And I didn't have time to study yet. Buat homework je. Itupun asyik salah. Exam is 20th Dec. If tak go for exam, rugilah. takde cert. If ada cert, at least I can leave this company ke. Degree in Mathematics + Book Keeping Cert should be an advantage kan? T_T
May ALLAH ease everything.
Yours sincerely,
Nor Alwani Binti Amran.
 "The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have."  


2 weeks left!

Salam. :)
Excited, nervous, stress, penat, semua pun ada. Alhamdulillah. Daddy arrived home safely yesterday morning. Masa tengah sibuk angkat timba nak tala ke arah balak kan, tiba tiba ada kereta berhenti betul betul depan gate. Tengok tengok tu limo klia and penumpang is bapak! Apa lagi. Timba diabaikan lalu meluru nak pergi tolong sorongkan beg. Xmampu nak angkat. Berat. Hehe. Excited.

So hari ni tugasan di rumah, balik kerja sibuk nak sediakan apa nak makan. Beratur ratur la susun menu kedai untuk dinner. Hehe. Breakfast bolehlah masak. Kena bangun awal awal. Nak kena beli buah. Buah-buahan di rumah dah habis.

Ada lagi dua minggu. Tolak hari ni, kurang dari 2minggu. Busy nak kemas ofis ibu. Nak lengkapkan dengan peralatan asas. Sebab nak guna ofis ibu buat majlis tunang kan. Nasib baik ada kak linda ni. Kawan Fahmi. Dia ada semuaaa. Cakap je. Catering? Pelamin? Andaman? Khemah? Baju pengantin? Catering tak tahu lah nice ke tak. Tak pernah try. So tanya dia untuk khemah & peralatan bufet je. Penat buat kerja xcukup orang ni. Padahal msg kak linda je. Cuma tunang ni memang nak make up sendiri. Tak pun smaller sister buatkan. Beriya dia baca buku make up ni. Fotografi? Small sister buatkan kot. Smallest sister? Tolong jaga tengok air basuh tangan habis ke tak. Small and smaller brother? Tak tau nak assign diorang apa. Hantaran tak siap lagi. Kain pelikat yang dah beli tu ibu cakap tak ceria. Malasnya nak beli lagi. Haha. Kedekut. Tapi barang lain nak letak kat dulang dah lengkap. 3 vs 5 je.

Weekend ni iyah balik dari US. Bilik atas tak kemas habis lagi. Dia balik mesti pengsan. Tu dah pesan awal awal suruh beli taufufa dia ngidam. Padahal kitorang pun dah lama kot tak makan.

Hafsah dah bersalin. Agak ngeri. So seniors kat ofis marah saya. "Wani you don't do like that a. If not i piap piap you" sambil buat gaya tampar tampar. Papepun, semoga dia cepat sihat. Dan semoga fahim membesar dengan baik. Errr, betul ke tah nama dia fahim? :)


Salam. I can hardly imagine. Sabtu jam 10@11 pg nikah. Mlm walimah. Ahad tengahari walimah pihak lelaki. Pengsan.  Nampak tak kekejaman di situ? Harap harap masa nikah blh solat. Masa walimah, piyed. :D


"Saya teringat ustaz Pahrol Mohd Juoi pernah menulis tentang susunan dan aturan tanggunjawab kita terhadap mereka. Jika aturan ini kita fahami dan kita ikuti maka tidak akan ada istilah cemburu, iri hati, melebihkan yang di sana atau sebagainya.

Seorang anak tidak kiralah dia itu lelaki atau perempuan aturan tanggungjawabnya mengikut keutamaan adalah: Pertama Allah, kedua Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, ketiga ibu dan bapa.

Tetapi apabila anak itu sudah berkahwin, susunan tanggungjawab mengikut keutamaan sudah berbeza. Jika dia anak lelaki dia perlu mendahulukan Allah swt, Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, kemudian ibubapa dan yang terakhir sekali adalah isterinya sendiri.

Adapun perempuan, susunan tanggungjawab mengikut keutamaan adalah mendahulukan Allah swt, Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, kemudian suami yang terakhir adalah ibubapa." Dari http://al-misk.blogspot.com/2012/07/cemburu-mertua-vs-menantu.html

Betapa besarnya tugas seorang anak. Lagi besar dari terhadap kawan-kawan. Tapi kawan-kawan jugak yang dibelanja, yang ditatang tatang sangat.


June 2013 plans


Hoping that you peeps are in a good health, now and always.

June 2013 had arrived. I'm not sure whether it's my fault that I didn't spend time wisely or, Handling these stuffs can really be categorized as busy.

1. Starting May, I have to attend one short course every 2 days in a week. for 2 hours each session. This course will end after 5 months. Estimation; September.

2. Every Sunday need to be dedicated for Tuition, 9.00 a.m - 2 p.m. (Including journey)

3. Helping mother to reorganize new office and starting classes, Classes should start on June. I normally spare my Saturday for this.

4. Involved in Alumni Seseri to set up Alumni registration. I dunno why on earth I involved myself with this activity. Bafa says, Seseri takpe because dekat dengan rumah.

5. Must settle Alumni KMNS stuff, regarding Account.

6. To be Kakla baik when Mummy is away for Meeting a whole week in June.

7. Kemas rumah so that smaller sister won't get heart attack seeing our room condition.

8. Save the best for the last. Engagement. I didn't get all the stuffs for my dulang hantaran yet. And food. and, the venue. Oh my.

June, pls be nice to me.

Jerawat tumbuh macam cendawan selepas hujan.

“The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.”


Kakla baik.

Salam. Tak kiralah org nak cakap apa. Saat saat macam ni dalam kepala nak jadi kakla baik je. Every sunday dah memang xde ,at rumah. Burn dah. So camne pun hari sabtu nak stay rumah je. Unless event tu melibatkan family. Dah tak laratnak jaga hati orang lain dah. Kalau tempat lain, kakla takde, ada lagi orang lain boleh buatkan.kalau kat rumah, ibu sakit, kakla takde, sape nak buat? Memang jumaat sabtu ni cuti,  tapi niat hatinak dok rumah lipat baju basuh baju kemas rumah semua sebab hari lainsemua tak sempt buat. Balik kerja makan, solat terus pengsan. Tak lama lagi dah. Pasni belum tentu boleh spend masa camni dengan family. Ini cara saya, apa yang saya fikir terbaik. Korang dulu dah or akan face benda camnih. This is my turn. Let me. Mendoakan ibu sentiasa sihat. Sedih petang petang camni kat opis.


Hibka hunting!


How's life peeps? I know, my dates are getting nearere, i should update about hall hunting, catering hunting, Hantaran hunting, doorgifts, and the list goes on.

But here, i want to share that i'm in a mission and i really need help. Hibka is an indonesian product for body odour. Other products doesn't work on me. And the issue is the normall stall/stalls I normally buy this thing is out of stock. The kakak was telling she doesn't have stock for quite some while already. Maybe, the factory doesn't produce it anymore. Sobsss

I have friends in indo, should have asked them to clarify. Okay, tata, wanna text them. I hope yana is coming over end of june nanti :)


Have I told you how much I hates month end? 
Honestly saying, find a work not related month end. You'll hate it more or less like me. Lol.


Taknak cakap dengan iyah!

Dah beberapa kali, iyah called and I refused to talk to her. Then she told mother, "kakla xsyg iyahhh" Knowing her for her almost 24 years, I bet she cried. Ye lah, the only elder sister tak nak cakap, siapa yang tak sedih?

I don't know how to explain this but, I was dying to wait for her comeback! Macam, cepatlah iyah balik! Now, hari hari kira, bila nak 21 Jun. Nanti boleh buat girls things and I don't need to rely on other people's sister. Macam ni, stress, then tanya tanya yufi, epa, aida, afsa, haih nak tanya siapa lagi, kan? Hernna pun kena tanya. Padahal Hernna pun ada majlis sendiri nak kena prepare. Nanti, nak pergi shopping dengan aida. Tunggu gaji. Nak minta epa, dia busy beranak. Afsa, busy nak beranak. Yufi, hernna jauh. Ibu? Ibu busy dengan kerja ibu. Klu blh pergi sendiri memang pergi sendiri punya tapi sebab diri sendiri ni tak reti sangat. Haha.
Iyahhhh cepatlah balik USJ!


May you have a great day~

Nor Alwani

Something nice

Next mission!


May you have a great day~


Test 2

Penyambut tetamu setiap kali balik rumah. :)

May you have a great day~

Cameron trip. Kena paksa. Haha


It was a backdated story but since I'm back on this blogging thing, here goes...

I'm sick during that time. But still have to go to Cameron for a seminar for PAKMNS MTs. I dunno, however it looks like a vacay for us.
Well, balak arrived cameron! But i've forgotten to snap a pic of balak. My bad. We stayed at mardi agro technology park. The place was nice. It's like an apartment. Suitable for big group of people.

Somehow, I do had fun with them. If yufi and teja and meen could join us back then, i bet it would be merrier! Did i miss any girls name? Hoped not.


May you have a great day~

-Nor Alwani


Try error

Penyambut tetamu di rumah~



May you have a great day~


Sudah dapat tarikh!


Alhamdulillah. Last Sunday, me and fam went to discuss and we agreed on some dates. Engagement & Solemnization. If according to Islam, merisik tu dah macam bertunang sebab macam dah janji kan. But just belum ada formal engagement lah. So... Yay! Now, I can proceed on next plans.

1st, venue. 2nd food. 3. Baju. 4. Kad kahwin. And the list goes on...

Because most halls, already have their own panel catering.

My plan is to do a hi-tea. Tiru Angah.

Pagi nikah, at 10 macam tu. Then at 3 macam tu, hi-tea.

If dah dapat dewan, lega dah. sebab dah boleh proceed untuk fikir about engagement. Petang ni nak jumpa En Selva, nak tengok rumah untuk rent. Plan asal, a house opposite je. Tapi the owner macam reluctant nak rent out. Or he have his own plans. Nak kena baiki apa apa yang rosak lagi. So takpe, yang rumah nak tengok ni corner lot. 1 1/2 storey. 1.6 k per month. We plan to ask if boleh jadi 1.5 ke. But for me, 1.6 is quite okay. If jadi, I already got a place for engagement! yayyy. doa banyak banyak.

What I realized was, I easily get stressed. Overthink kan. Huh. Nasib baik ibu, bapa, Fahmi  ni jenis penyabar.

Ok. Sambung kerja. :)

Kalau tak ikhlas, buat apa pun tak jadi. Usaha doa tawakal.



Hadiah kahwin

Kenapa kan kalau hadiah kahwin, nak beli ramai ramai, orang mesti nak suggest beli comforter? Kenapa kenapa?

Kenapa taknak beli set masak masak ke. Kuali ke. Periuk ke. Sudu garpu ke. Kalau kawan kita masak guna periuk kita bagi, tak ke kita dapat saham pahala sikit? Tak pun cam tray yang hidang hidang yang transparent kaler cap pyrex ke.

Ok fine. Kalau nak bagi pun, bagilah toto ke, at least cam orang datang rumah dia dia leh pakai.


May you have a great day~

Apa pun tak boleh

Sakit hati betul. Nak kahwin pun tak boleh. Orang ni nak kahwin lah orang tu nak kahwin lah. Org dh pilih date tu elok sebab anniversary. Pastu ada orang sibuk je. SEbab guwa marah sangat guwa tampar pipi guwa do ploh kali. Biar mampus. tapi tak mampus pun. Jari pun dah patah kot. Bagus kan.


May you have a great day~



Guwa dah lama hilang respect dengan lu.

Just because fikir lu senior je.
Tapi... Urgh. Tgklh nnt cmne.


May you have a great day~



Alhamdulillah dah genap 2 years although banyak kali dah dilanggar ombak badai, ribut taufan. And yes, I'll keep on counting our days. Moga hingga syurga, amin.

A visit to UKM last weekend, Sempat jumpa Amir untuk pulangkan buku buku bionya. And sempat juga have a short discussion. "Berlapanglah dada, bertawakkallah dan jangan terlalu mengharap. Kalau jadi, Alhamdulillah, kalau tak jadi, kita mudah hendak redha. Dah lama sebenarnya tak berdiscuss dengan dia. I keep avoiding him. And dia juga busy dengan tesis sebenarnya. Thanks for the wishes, may you grad with flying colors, budak kecil.


May you have a great day~


Shop assistant


Today, while I was driving back home, sister texted asking if she hop on the 6 pm bus, I can pick her or not. Then I told her, if so, I have to shop at the hypermarket there while waiting for her. So I waited. It was awkward to go to a hypermarket 2 days in a row although yeaterday I did forget to buy the stuff that makes me went there at the first place. Funny though.

So, while I was having a nice sight-seeing, I saw this one shop selling cheap Baju Kurung, also some Jubah. Especially when it had been a while that I'd been doing some survey to buy some nice jubah. I went straight to it.

The annoying part is always when you come into a shop and the shop assistant was busy following your butt. Ok. Fine. Maybe that's one of her job description. However, the thing is that, when I asked questions and the shop assistant doesn't answer me. What is the point of you following a customer when you're not answering them? I was quite disappointed with that. So I walked away.Thank you for doing that. It Saves my money! Maybe another reason they follow around is so that the customer won't shop. They don't want the customer to spend some money buying unnecessary items. Oh... How thoughtful of them. Aha.

So dear shop assistants, thank you! :p


May you have a great day~


Plans and plans


I am looking forward for Friday. I'll be on leave on Friday. yayyy. Saturday will be Fahmi's sister's solemnization, also one of my best roomies, Miss Ainto's solemnization. Have to utilize the usage of Miss since she's not going to be Miss soon. Happy and excited for them. the feeling is undescribable.

Mummy is surveying to rent a house nearby. A neighbour is planning to move out. So mummy already asked the owner that if they want to rent out, Mummy wants it. However, the owner doesn't confirm yet whether he/she wants to sell it or just open for rent. If it goes well, it would be very nice. That place is going to be Mummy's gallery & work place. The Master bedroom can be reserved for me when I already married. Also, Mummy was saying that I can use it for Tuition if I want to. Alsoooo, if the plan goes well, I/we can use the house for Engagement, Weddings etc. Oh I'm build castles in the air right nowww! Especially when the neighbour is a Malay & Muslim also. Thus it will be nice if we want to held some events there. Our current house is not so suitable for big events which needs use to rent tents and such. It's not so appropriate.

Oh I really hope it goes well... :)

I'm surveying for nice jubahs or maxi or any nice clothings. In trend right now is those peplums. It looks nice. But, it's kind of risky as I'm kind of plum. So how?

Kalau tak ikhlas, buat apa pun tak jadi. Usaha doa tawakal.



Jawapan dah tak valid


Sekarang kalau orang tanya bila nak kahwin dah tak boleh jawab,"tunggu putera masuk meminang" sebab putera Encik Mustapa dah meminang dah. Hihi.
Tadi tengok cerita Janji Syirah final episod. Finally dia dapat jaga anak-anak saudara dia. And dah bertunang dan akan berkahwin dengan Fahmi.
Cambest je dapat kahwin dengan Fahmi kan? Hihi. :p


May you have a great day~


Kenapa sudah lain?

Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui, kenapa lelaki yang menjadi hero saya sudah berubah? Kenapa dia suka marah? Kenapa dia suka cari salah orang? Dia dah bencikan kami? Saya useless kah?


Oh my.


Too many times I'd been in doubt of myself, my decisions. Is this the right thing for me to do? Is this the best solution? I'd chosen this path. So I should keep my guts high.

I'm too tired to start things over. Can't we just move on?


May you have a great day~


First weekend of 2013


First of all, alhamdulillah mummy is recoverin. She's starting to walk around the house again. It had been almost 2 weeks now. Yet, I prefer her not to drive much. So these few days I was busy going in and out the house chaffeuring brothers and sisters. Suddenly, I know how to cook. Haha. However, I still didn't manage to plan my time well enough every morning so that I get to cook some breakfast for daddy. Morning is always a chaos. With myself not wanting to wake up before 6 am. Seriously I feel like a mother. Before going to work, I must send smallest sister to school
first. Lucky enough that my new office hours start at 830 am.

Work? I really hope things will be better.

Planning to bring daddy and mummy to Semenyih. But I'm not sure of when since mummy is not so well yet.

Yesterday was angah & abg ngah's recetion. A sister while I was studying in H1P3. But we still keep in touch as we're in C3. Been 6 years, and the first word angah said was, "why bam bam?" oh man. My 2012 resolution has failed. Today, is Tisya and Palee's wedding at Tisya's family house. Very hapy for these couples. Two couples that have been lovebirds for 5 years plus. May Allah bless them always. And may them happy always. I hope that when my turn comes, I get to treat my guests so that they feel welcomed at the event. The way these couples did. You can feel it when the photography session with the newly weds. Or when bride/bridegroom saw you. Hopefully, I can be extrovert when the time comes. To much hope I guess. Hihi. Practiceeeeee makes perfect !

Btw, happy new year. It's a new year, new age for me. May we become better day by day. May Allah bless us. May mummy gets well soon.

Take care~


May you have a great day~

You know what’s beautiful?

Your eyes blinking, your pupils dilating when you’re euphoric, the curve of your smile, the shade of your teeth, the arch of your back, the fingers typing, the breathing thing you do, the thoughts. Your thoughts. How you think is beautiful; how a thought comes to mind is…a miracle, how you operate, how you are; just you. In every sense of the word; all your blood cells, neurons, organs, your limbs, your soul. You are breathtaking, mashaa’Allaah.


You can’t control the things that happen to you but you can control the way you react to them. It’s all perception.
You Again (Movie)