Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dgn jalan sabar dan mengerjakan
sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk.

Al-Baqarah 2:45


Twilight on Sunday night? LOL


Last night, I planned to sleep early.

But somehow, something else turn up.

I went blog hopping. And reached this guy's blog. The Bogus Circus.

I came by the post where he talked about Twilight.

I told sister and suddenly we ended up watching someone else reading Twilight. At Youtube. But he didn't finish reading about it till the end yet. Currentky until Chapter 12. Nerimon's channel.  Oh oh. Dia ada cursing lah juga. Just to warn you guys earlier in case you guys wanted to check it out.

Try lah check out. FUN. He studied twilight and macam2 books lagi as if it was Shakespeare's work. Ye lah, orang belah sana kan kena study Shakespeare. (sini pun)

I didn't read Twilight. So watch people read Twilight pun ok juga. Haha.

Hilang sekejap stress.

Pagi ini bangun and then, OH noooooooooooooooooooo! exam lusaaaaaaa!

Tapi sempat lagi nak blog. Lol.


Kena tolong smallest sister sikat rambut.


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You know what’s beautiful?

Your eyes blinking, your pupils dilating when you’re euphoric, the curve of your smile, the shade of your teeth, the arch of your back, the fingers typing, the breathing thing you do, the thoughts. Your thoughts. How you think is beautiful; how a thought comes to mind is…a miracle, how you operate, how you are; just you. In every sense of the word; all your blood cells, neurons, organs, your limbs, your soul. You are breathtaking, mashaa’Allaah.


You can’t control the things that happen to you but you can control the way you react to them. It’s all perception.
You Again (Movie)