Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dgn jalan sabar dan mengerjakan
sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk.

Al-Baqarah 2:45


Vaksin ke kanser serviks yg lebih bahaya?


Hari ini che' buka FB. ada kenalan jadikan ini sebagai statusnya,

"There's a talk about this cervical cancer jab on TV9 this morning and an ongoing campaign to promote this to the public.So many questions on my mind,such as:- Is the jab against cervical cancer neccessary for our girls? Survey has shown that % ......of cervical cancer is much lower than % of breast cancer..."
Dan ada artikel yang mengatakan tentang bahayanya pencegahan kanser serviks yg lbh tinggi berbanding risiko kanser serviks itu sendiri. Dan dengarnya, KEMENTERIAN PEMBANGUNAN WANITA, KELUARGA DAN MASYARAKAT (KPWKM) vaksin ni kat gadis2 di Malaysia ini.
Ada email yang kenalan che' dapat. Ini kandungannya.

Our government will implement a mandatory vaccine HPV (Gardasil vaccine) to ALL 13 year-old school girls and below from next year onwards to prevent cervical cancer (Please read the news report below, our Health Minister announced it on 25 Sept 2009). But HPV gardasil vaccine had been found to cause unbelievable side effects. For ALL parents who have school going girl aged 13 and below, please do a thorough research before you allow your daughter to take that HPV vaccine. Please pass this on to inform all parents about it, so that they could make an informed decision whether to allow their girl to take that vaccine or not.

News about the danger of Gardasil on CNN news
A young beautiful girl was bed ridden after Gardasil shot
Emily Tarsell's 21 year old daughter suddenly died from unknown causes. After a personal crusade, the devastated mother found the death could be traced to a common vaccination, Gardasil.

New information links the Gardasil vaccine to thousand of health complaints and more than 30 deaths. Before there is one more unnecessary death, get the facts here
Jenny Thompson of the Health Sciences Institute exposes the real truth, some shocking side effects you aren't hearing about, and why this so-called "cervical cancer vaccine" could be completely unnecessary. Watch this before you or your daughter considers Gardasil.
There are a lot more incidents or warning on this HPV gardasil vaccine on Youtube. Please read and go thru them and make a wise decision.



Ni pula artikel mengenai vaksin kanser untuk gadis2 Msia... xsure dari paper ape.

Govt offers cervical cancer vaccine for girls from 2010
Karen Arukesamy

Liow with Chew after the launch of CRSM Mobile
Clinic and Cervical Cancer and Health Awareness campaign..

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 25, 2009):

The government will provide all 13-year-old girls three doses of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to prevent crevical cancer from next year onwards.
“The Cabinet has accepted and approved the Health Ministry’s proposal to provide the HPV vaccines, which is 98% effective in preventing cervical cancer for all Form One students,” Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai told a press conference today.
Also present was Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, who is also the MCA Wanita chief, chairman of corporate social responsibility committee of the Obstetrical & Gynecological Society Dr R Gunasegaran, and director of Lim Foo Yong Holdings O. B. Lim.
“This programme will cost the government RM150million for 300,000 girls per year and will be done for all form one batch students annually,” he said after officiating the MCA Crisis Relief Squad (CRSM) mobile clinic and cervical cancer and health awareness campaign here at Wisma MCA.

The programme will most probably be conducted in schools for Form One students in the stages. After the first dose, the second dose will be given after a lapse of two or three months and after six months for the third dose.
“All 13-year-old girls in Malaysia will obtain it regardless whether they are from the public schools or private schools,” Liow said, in response to a question.
He said the HPV vaccine that will be provided is for HPV type 16 and 18, the more common types of HPV amongst Malaysian women.
Liow said it has been proven that the HPV vaccine had reduced cervical cancer by 70%.
“The vaccine is already available in the private sector for RM1,200 for three doses but today the CRSM team is providing the vaccine at about 40%-45% lower price compared to market price.”
He said the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ’s study in 2007 showed that the government spends RM382 million for cervical cancer treatment a year.
“In contrast, providing the vaccine will only cost RM150 million a year to prevent cervical cancer. Thus the best way would be to choose a cost effective method and prevent the cancer instead of spending more to cure it,” Liow explained.
He said the Health Ministry will continue to negotiate with the vaccine manufacturer to reduce the vaccine price, however added that it could only be done with mass purchasing scale.

Liow with Wanita MCA chief Chew after the launch of CRSM
Mobile Clinic and Cervical Cancer and Health Awareness campaign.

Liow said the government will do the mass purchase from next year onwards when the vaccines will be provided for the form one students.
“We hope to be able to negotiate a reduction to about RM500 per person for three doses of HPV vaccine instead of the current RM1,200,” he said.
Liow reminded that although the vaccines are available and the government is looking at ways to reduce the price, Pap Smear tests must be continued as these are the two best preventive steps for cervical cancer, the second most dangerous and frequent disease for women after breast cancer.
He urged all women and girls aged between nine and 26 to obtain the vaccine and women above 25 should take the Pap Smear test every three years.
“The cervical cancer incidents in the country is 16.1 for every 100,000 women, which means close to 2,000 new cases are diagnosed every year in the country,” he said in his speech, adding that it is very high compared to developed countries like United States and Australia.
Another peculiar findings of cervical cancer in Malaysia , Liow said, is that women from the Chinese ethic group are at higher risk with a rate of 23..2 for every 100,000 women, compared to 16.4 in ethnic Indian women and 8.2 in ethnic Malay women.
“I have asked for a specific study to be done to find out the reason for such an occurrence,” he said.

Ni artikel tentang bahaya vaksin tersebut. Kalau nak tau lagi, google lah.


Top researcher who worked on cervical cancer vaccine warns about its dangers

Mike Adams


Thursday, Oct 8th, 2009

One of the key researchers involved in the clinical trials for both Gardasil and Cevarix cervical cancer vaccines has gone public with warnings about their safety and effectiveness. This highly unusual warning against these vaccines by one of Big Pharma’s own researchers surfaced in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express in the UK over the last few days. There, Dr. Diane Harper openly admitted the vaccine doesn’t even prevent cervical cancer, stating, “[The vaccine] will not decrease cervical cancer rates at all.”

This is astonishing news. The whole push behind the cervical cancer vaccines is based on the belief that they prevent cervical cancer. That belief, it turns out, is a myth.

Dr. Harper also warned that the cervical cancer vaccine was being “over-marketed” and that parents should be warned about the possible risk of severe side effects from the vaccine. She even concluded that the vaccine itself is more dangerous than the cervical cancer it claims to prevent!

Hysteria over genital warts?

In a New York Times article published last year, Dr. Harper spoke about the fear-based marketing of Gardasil by Merck:

“‘Merck lobbied every opinion leader, women’s group, medical society, politicians, and went directly to the people — it created a sense of panic that says you have to have this vaccine now…”

This behavior by drug companies — using fear tactics to promote a particular disease in order to sell the “treatment” — is called disease mongering. Most of the pharmaceutical profits generated today are based on precisely this tactic: Spread the fear, then sell the treatment. Read more about disease mongering here: http://www.naturalnews.com/disease_…

You can also toy around with the NaturalNews disease mongering engine, where you can invent your own diseases at the click of a button: http://www.naturalnews.com/disease-…

Why is disease mongering so important to the profits of the drug companies? They figured out many years ago that selling drugs only to those people who are sick was a very limited income opportunity. To rake in the real profits, they needed to devise a way to sell drugs to healthy people (i.e. people who don’t need them). That’s what cervical cancer vaccines really are: A scheme to sell vaccines to people who aren’t suffering from any disease at all.

That one of the industry’s own researchers is willing to speak out against this is not just highly unusual; it’s also highly courageous. It makes you wonder: Who, exactly, is this Dr. Harper?

Dr. Diane Harper

Dr. Harper is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She studied additional courses at Stanford and received her medical degree from the University of Kansas. She was a key researcher in both Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines, and she’s one of the most experienced researchers in the world on HPV-related diseases. She’s done work for both Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.

Dr. Harper’s warnings about cervical cancer vaccines are especially relevant considering her expertise in the cost/benefit analysis of vaccines. Her conclusion is that cervical cancer vaccines aren’t worth the risks, nor are they worth all the effort being put into hyping them to the public. “This may not be the best use of our resources at this time,” she said in a Washington Post article.

So why do cervical cancer vaccines continue to be pushed by doctors and health authorities across the US, UK and other first-world nations? Because Big Pharma is the great corporate puppeteer that’s pulling the strings of legislators. With enough money and lobbyists, you can always overcome scientific thinking with fear-based marketing and under-the-table deal-making. Science-based medicine has no place in a world where disease is big business.

There’s a ridiculous amount of money to be made by pushing vaccines onto people who don’t need them. If I had ten bucks for every teenage girl that’s been injected with a cervical cancer vaccine, I’d be… well… GlaxoSmithKline.

sources of this story:





Malas nak baca?

Kesimpulannya lah kan, dari artikel ini, katanya, Vaksin tu takde effect pun. N wat org yg amek vaksin tu kena side effects lain yang lagi teruk adalah. Such as, fainting, dizziness and maybe infertility(kemandulan). Dan paling dahsyat, menyebabkan kematian. And tak silap, kat US, ada brape tah kematian sebab vaksin ini.


Kenapa tiba2 Malaysia sibuk nak wat vaksin tu? Sedangkan probability untuk mandul sangat tinggi. Propaganda untuk pupuskan umat Islam kat muka bumi ni ke?

Cuba pikir logik. Apa punca kanser serviks ni? Rata-rata kajian cakap, kanser serviks ni berpunca dari merokok, pendedahan awal
kepada seks, jangkitan kuman Chlamydia, penggunaan oral kontraseptif, bilangan anak yang ramai, umur yang muda semasa mula melakukan hubungan seks, pengamalan hubungan seks yang aktif dengan pelbagai pasangan atau pasangan mereka ada ramai pasangan seks. Senang cite, orang yang SANGAT BERISIKO TINGGI untuk hidap penyakit kanser serviks ni adalah dari yang amalkan seks bebas.

Malaysia bukankah negara ISLAM? Dan bukankah dalam Islam, HARAM hukumnya melakukan seks sebelum kahwin n dengan bukan suami/isteri? Dan hukumannya berat lagi. Berbalik kepada agama, sekiranya berpegang teguh kepada hukum ALLAH, AL-QURAN dan SUNNAH, insyaALLAH, selamat dunia akhirat. Renung2kan.

P/S: Che' tidak mahu ambil vaksin itu. even kjaan nk bg elaun utk amek vaksin itu pun che’ tidak mahu.


sanchez said...

nice post...

anem (^^,) said...

betul tu...tapi yg lebih tepat lagi, bukannye konspirasi semata2 mengurangkan jumlah penduduk islam tapi secara keseluruhannya memupuskan seberapa banyak populasi manusia di muka bumi ini yg boleh. alasan:

1. pnduduk ramai menggoncang politik kerana semakin bnyak kepala semakin banyak ler pulak disagreement n idea canggih yg bakal membongkar rahsia kepentingan mereka
2.menggugat kestabilan ekonomi, ramai orang, harta kene distribute lebih bnyak dan tak terkumpul
3.jual vaksin dahler dapat duit, serampang dua mata. tapi malangnya mata tu kedua2 menghala dan mencantas leher orang ramai.

ianya merupakan perancangan the hidden hand, freemason dan illuminati.semuanya tentera dajal laknatullah.

dan ia merupakan cara untuk menghapuskan umat manusia dengan cara yg lebih terhormat yakni nak improve health kununnye padahal disertakan side efek yg amat buruk, di samping meraih keuntungan dari pnjualn vaksin. lihat shj asal vaksin itu dari mana, dihasilkan di lab2 yg dtaja oleh yahudi, sperti juga vaksin h1n1.

my sis is going 2b 13, nak kene warn awal2 neh.

anyway, rase2 ade terdengar kerajaan nak tarik balik usul vaksin nih alhamdulillah. interesting info anwy, kalo tak malas nak search2 huhu~

CaHaya said...

sanchez: thanks. tp more kpd copy tampal jek pun.

anem: alah. akk bg link2 tu pun, anem kne bukak sndiri gak kaji lbh2 klu nk tau lbh byk kan.? ya, kena alertkan org lain.

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