Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dgn jalan sabar dan mengerjakan
sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk.

Al-Baqarah 2:45


tired in a day.

it’s a tiring day today. exhausted. n what’s on my mind all the way back to my room is to take a bath, do my isyak prayer n have a sleep. i’d been yawning like zillion times today. what ever had i been doing today? oh no. I don’t exactly bath an elephant. or go up to mount everest. i only went to menara celcom today. n KLCC cos it’s on my way to ‘home’. ‘We’ went out like 11++ n I  arrived at my room at 10++. yes, it’s tiring. n i’m not khusyuk enough while performing my maghrib prayer today. bcoz? I’m having my prayer at KL Sentral. ok. i’m taking my ablution water. n suddenly there’s a lady yelling, who took my purse just now!?? do give it back to me. there’s nothing in it. (she’s saying it in malay actually). imagine this. u’r praying. n already in ur last rakaat. n u put ur purse in front of u. n then, it’s gone! sumwon that r suppose to b praying took it. (Y stole other peeps stuff when ur suppose to solat? Taking opportunity of other peep’s tiredness. SGT KEJAM.) N the lady went out with her child. N there were some elders there too. While she’s wearing her shoes@sandals(i’m not so sure), one of the elders offer her some money in case she didn’t have money to go home. Luckily, her husband is at KL sentral 2 n she still have her phone. Someone suggested her to go and make a report at the police upstairs. I rarely c this scene. But when it happens, what happens to be in my mind is that, some Malaysian still cares. But it’s just that, during the Maghrib time, it’s more on elders who cares. They take actions. Giving money. Suggestions at least. U r panic n ur not being able to think. n even a suggestion helps a lot. N there r also some girls that r trying to detect who took the lady’s purse. N that’s y I dont perform my prayer well.


I’m not finished about the lady yet. It’s not about the lady. Sumting that is related with the ‘robber’. Me myself is not sooo perfect. Yet, I’m sharing my thoughts here. not ditujukan to anybody. but to remind myself n to u that reads. Ok. A is a Muslim. performs solat. reads Quran. yet A stole things. not closing aurat. kill peeps. drinks alcohol. y? because, A is not sincere bcause of ALLAH. A performs solat n do it because it’s a do. doing but not DOING it. evrything that is done must be sincere. n must ‘dihayati’. reading Quran but not UNDERSTANDING n APPLYING Quran. just like in class. study but don’t STUDY. understood? =)


Continuing. Having a ride on public transports is very tiring. there are delays. n waiting. n delays. n waiting. Last night. the commuter delayed like 40 minutes, n I ride the commuter that came after the 40 minutes commuter. what I'm trying to tell is that, even if it’s tiring, i still enjoyed it. I mean like, I can c n conclude. There r different type of peeps. different backgrounds. different destinations. Just like in an airport. people come n go. U meet, chatted for like 5 minutes n that’s it. the conversation ends n u go back to ur routine. I saw this uncle(I think he’s my dad’s age) chatting wif a girl(my age i think). Talking about where they came from n so on. n the uncle answered a phone call. the girl goes away. N the uncle continued his reading.

One thing that seems to never change. the Malaysian don’t go by rules. u have announcements saying that please make way for the passengers to embark. then u can go in the commuter for example. But, peeps still go pushing others in order they can go in. N no. No waiting for the passengers to embark. I’m in the commuter. N I yelled,”there are peeps going out…!!”(in Malay act which is “ada org nak keluar…!!”). Haha. seriously. I yelled? Kind of rude, right? That’s the only thing I managed to say. N it’s kind of fun. I didn’t yell for a long time i guess. But it helps. Peeps make way. n the passengers can go out. Feels like doing it again. But in a better words. not so rude.


N I’m crapping so much I guess. Back to study.


noin said...

wani jerit soh bagi laluan?
musti cam sardin kan dlm ktm uh?
lame da tak naik.

SizuKa said...

hak2..kak wani...gha pon pernah TERmarah org dlm ktm tuh...masa tu tahap kesabaran dah maximum dah..memang explode!

"Hoi! org nak kuar la..bg la org kuar dulu...!!!" terpacul dari mulut sendri...lepas tu terpinga-pinga...'betul ke aku cakap mcm tu td? hak2..kurg percayaa...!~^^

D's noruaruwani said...

noin: u lame xnaik sbb ade submarine. i know. =P
sizuka: kan? tah camne terlpas n xcaya. tapi puas ati. =)

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