Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dgn jalan sabar dan mengerjakan
sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk.

Al-Baqarah 2:45


wah.nk keje. cmne nk cr keje? takutlah.

Well, snanye skang xla tkut sgt. xtau nk wat tjuk ape utk post ni. Nak kongsi sumting yg bkait2 keje nih. persediaan nk keje. Here goes...

Sepanjang hujung minggu ni, terlibat dengan ada satu program.

Program Peningkatan Kebolehpasaran Pelajar 2009
14-15 Februari 2009
Dewan Gemilang

ada 8 slot. dari pelbagai syarikat, n berlainan speaker.
Tajuk2 nya adalah :
  • Self Awareness,
  • Creative Thinking,
  • Interpersonal Skill,
  • Personal Leadership,
  • Business Etiquette,
  • Professional Image,
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making,
  • Career Decisions.

n sperti biasa, lps crmh, msti nk cite mcm2 sbb... rs sgt bsmgt..=) it's normal kn?

i guess I'll browse through by the titles ere.

I'll write what i remember most. Then i'll add up bila ada ms lg. Firstly, what i think b4 i went for this prog is that, I think y should I go. where else, rsnye tak jauh beza dr yg prnh g dulu. ya lah. mcm2 kind of prog yg akn dianjurkn for students kn. so, thinking that xjauh beza. bcoz tajuknye pun cm similar jek. but then, I made myself strong to go for it. Xpelah kerja yg blambak2 tu, I'll find my time 4 it. prog ni pun bkn slalu kot. Plus, I have friends that are going 2. so, pergilah juga. Now, what I think is that, this Prog is kind of good. eventhough ada slot yg i'm not really paying attention sgt. But It boost up me n some of my friend's semangat. I guess it's kind of worth it. works yg tak finish tu, it's my blame to b exact. I don't manage my time carefully. mlm2 mcm asyik tgk tv jek. Din n Mal mrh about this. Perlu la cite psal ni? Heheh. =P

Ok, back 2 my post.
What I learned was that, Firstly, the first speaker emphasis on the needs of having a good attitude. mesti integriti. kena fleksibel. tahu nak adapt ngan situation. positive ones. because u can have all the knowledge but u wont succeed if u dont have a good, superb attitude. even, time nak interview tu pun, kena tunjuk kita ni punctual n so on. u cannot expect to have the interviewer to wait for u while ur the one yang akan diinterview. cam, sgt x elok. She emphasis skill sets yang diperlukan to be a global employer. Such as : leadership, self image, mindset, proactive, reliable. Apa yang she says n i still remember is that, bila kita ada kat atas, jawatan tinggi, jangan sombong. be humble. kwn je dgn semua org. coz kita ni manusia. sama je. mana tau, nanti kita susah, orang yang kat bawah kita yang boleh tolong kita kan? tak mustahil.

In her slides, she have a quote

"Some people succeed because they are destined to,
but most people succeed because they are determined to."

For the 2nd speaker, I learned the importance of being creative. Creative thinking. Think outside the box. N it;s never wrong to be different. Let people say u acted weird. He explained about 6 thinking hats. I didn't google about it yet.

6 thinking hats
Blue : Managing the thinking
White : Data
Yellow: good thing / advantage
Black Hat : -ve things. working in chair. Behind desk.
Green : growth
red : Emotion
Which one r u?

As 4 the 3rd slot, heheh... He emphasis on dif style of communication. which one is the best way.

And the 4th slot, I love it. Firstly, she asked, who wanted to b leaders. then she insisted of those who wanted to be leaders to sit in front. She emphasis more in believing ur ownself. how r others going to believe in u if u urself dont believe in urself? always have a good posture. coz it shows ur confident level. N even in communicating, body language plays a very important role. u can predict other by their body language. Again, always believe in urself, who ur, what ur, n what ur doing. Always make urself visible. And always treat others the right way. i have this like signature when i sent mails with my yahoo mail. it sounded sumting like, dont hurt others if u dont want to b hurt. ye lah kan, bila kita tau macamane sakitnye hurt tu, mesti akan layan org lain baik2 kan? n when u speak, speak in an open palm. it shows that ur saying the truth. Kalau tgn dlm bentuk genggam, ia menunjukkan cam kita ni tak caya dgn apa yg kita kata.

then, There is this quote in her slide which is

It's not wrong to make mistake.
But it's wrong when you make the same mistake twice.

N as the 5th slot. He said about what should n shouldn't do. To ur boss, or when in work. There is this 6 winning attitude of B.E.
Be humble n always ready to learn
Be polite and treat everyone with respect
Be open-minded and communicate honestly
Be calm and patient no matter what happens
Be considerate and helpful toward others
Be appreciative for what people contribute

There's this quote
"your greatness is measured by your kindness,
your intelligence is measured by your modesty,
your caliber is measured by the consideration
and tolerance you have for others."
-William J.H Boetcker

As for the 6th slot, i guess what's important is that u work to work. Do ur homework. Be able to do multi-skill n do multi task. show to peeps that u can work.

Enhancing Employability = Knowledge + Skill + Abilities + Character + Attitude

Jack of All, Master of None.

7th slot. It's about prob solving n decision making. The speaker shared his experience. How hard to lead someone elder than u. His way is that, to lead is when u become a helper. Then, he gained respect. Most of all, view a problem in a positive way. kdg2 benda yg sekecil2 1 sen pun penting. Work in details. N best leaders know how to reflect between two situation. ape yg kita blajar kat kelas, kdg2 x apply pun kat work life. sbb kdg2 work life is not cam book base.
Experience is not a destination. It's a journey. Which is more important? to talk or listen? Both are important. But the prob is that, candidates don't know when to talk n when to listen. When asked to talk, like so shy n so on. kena practise ni. =) U actually learn through practise, experience, and most of all failure. When we fail, then kita akan cari balik punca kesilapan itu and the next time, ingat untuk tak buat lagi silap tu. Practise, cam bila kita nak study maths, kita buat banyak latihan. Then kita jadi pro untuk soalan tu. Cam belajar nak naik basikal. Kita tahu, kalau nak naik basikal kena naik, n then kayuh. Tapi selagi kita tak naik basikal n cuba untuk kayuh, kita takkan belajar. Conclusion is, JANGAN BERHENTI BELAJAR.

And as the last slot. The 8th slot. sgt important. Is how u choose ur career. sometimes, we go to the wrong career n then, u change job. many ways of knowing ur path.

Try to ask urself these questions.
  • Who am I? -> awakening ur life purpose. u r bigger than who u think u r. make urself proud with who u r.
  • Who am i becoming? -> 2 b the best of myself. Me NOW. Me TOMORROW.
  • What r my strenghts? -> sharpen my strenghts, use my strengths, everyday, every moment - reinforcement of myself.
  • What are my area of development? -> Change the way u think, the way u do, the way u act. think about who u want to bcome. n think about what u lack of. IT maybe. then learn about it.

Make career decisions that :
  1. Embraces high performing culture.
  2. Allows you to learn.
  3. Allows you to grow.
  4. Invests in you to be the best of who you are.
  5. Allows you to work with great mentor who believes in you.
  6. Have the environment with +ve reinforcement.

R's to remember :
  1. relevant.
  2. responsiveness.
  3. relationship.

ATTITUDE that will lead u there.
  1. grateful.
  2. visualize.
  3. always think +ve.
  4. surround urself with +ve people.
  6. never stop learning.
  7. challenge yourself out of comfort zone.
  8. Think like a boss. (whoever yg cpt naik pangkat is bcoz die fikir mcm dia bos)

Two ways of meeting difficulties
  • You alter difficulties
  • you alter yourself to meet them
-Phyllis Bottome

As my conclusion. Hendak cari kerja ni, maybe susah. Tapi it's not impossible. Apa yang penting ialah, kita prepare diri kita untuk face it. Yakin kat keupayaan diri kita. Itu yang paling penting. Bila kita yakin, orang akan percaya kat diri kita. Amalkan attitude yg +ve. Cari kelebihan dan kekurangan pada diri kita. Gunakan kekuatan yang ada n perbaiki kekurangan kita. Kalau rasa kena go for short courses, go for it. And set goal kita. Apa yang kita nak jadi. Bila kita tahu apa yang kita nak jadi, apa yang kita nak buat, barulah kita boleh usaha untuk cari jalan untuk laksanakannya. Nothings impossible. It's how u bawa diri u. Believe in urself. Others can. y can't u?

And always bear in mind. In choosing career,

"do what u <3.have passion in it. Then u'll be good in it."

Like mummy, she loves sewing. She have passion in embroidery. Now, It's became her business. Making wedding pouches. Gifts. kotak hantaran for wedding.

I know what my passion is. InsyaALLAH, I'm going for it.

P/S : moga iyahnya application utk masuk Winconsin accepted. AMin.

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