Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dgn jalan sabar dan mengerjakan
sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk.

Al-Baqarah 2:45


"Gerak Usahawan 2009". PWTC. booth no 111. HALL3

mummy's name card

what is this gerak usahawan thing?
well, me myself is not really sure about the real thing it is. but what i knew is that there are different types of entrepreneur opening booths. u can have food, customer product, crafts(like mummy does), batik, clothes, takaful, et al. each of them have different goal. but most of them mainly wanted to sell their products. if i'm not mistaken, this prog is by MECD. i'm there because... mummy have this kind of craft business. home base business. hand made ribbon embroidery stuffs for all occasion. mummy can make cushions, pouches, home decor like hanging hearts ( i don't have the pic here), table runner, pouches for wedding, boxes, and stuffs to decorate wedding room.
and i'm helping mummy(where else my frens was like bebel to me coz i'm suppose to have a rest at home and i'm wandering aroud).

small pouch

another mummy's small pouch

many small pouches

i went home on wednesday evening. bcoz i'm sick. if not, i could have settled my masters form, my first chap, my asgnment. but here i am. acting as if i'm already well. alwani, get well soon. =) stop crapping.
here's my post about the gerak usahawan. not much. but there goes...

first day.
mummy is really excited coz it'x her first time doing an exhibition.

mummy's part of the booth

mummy n her stuffs

selling stuffs at a booth. this morning, actually i don't feel like following mummy. thinking that i can go there at noon by myself. plus, i'm kind of having a headache. then again, while waiting for aunt shila to fetch mummy, n watching mummy getting prepared, i felt like going, thinking that i need to go and support her. so, i hurried upstairs n dress up. luckily i don't have pom poms. putting aside my sickness, i followed mummy. we arrived at 9++ i guess. so, we didn't go 4 the perasmian. i forgot what perasmian is in english. while getting the booth to be prepared, bulat msged. he went for the perasmian. so, he came by. chatted a bit, n get some advices from him. thanks. i forgot the fact that bulat is doing the business such as bunting n stuff where else mummy n her friends r looking high n low for somebody that can do it. well, mummy also forgets that a also have friends. haha. no offense. anyway, case solved.

my conclusion for today is, most of the visitor that came booth 111 asked whether there's going to be classes for this ribbon embroidery. where else mummy's aim is to sell her stuff. but then, there's this couple who wanted to sell mummy's stuff at their butik. i do hope that they're calling mummy soon. i do hope so. seriously.

and tomorrow? we'll c what's happening tomorrow.

mummy's bunting

booth 111 owners

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Muhammad Taufiq Azzain said...

macehh2 tolong promote bulat...huhu...

cne sale?

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