Beauty Tip of the Day

Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dgn jalan sabar dan mengerjakan
sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk.

Al-Baqarah 2:45


ATC again.


Yesterday evening after work, I decided to hang out at Daddy's house. Went there straight after work. It amazes me when I drive passed Mommy's car with Daddy driving, & mummy sitting at the side. Daddy stopped. Confused, I just drive to the house. Right after I parked, daddy called. "Ibu kena ATC. Nak gi Spital. "It happened again. So I waited at Daddy's house until they're back. Until abang arrived. 

The Doctor was suggesting to proceed for ablution. As for now, the attack is unexpected. 
As I'm growing older, my parents are growing older too. 

And every time it happened, it brings me tears. 


Yours sincerely,

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You know what’s beautiful?

Your eyes blinking, your pupils dilating when you’re euphoric, the curve of your smile, the shade of your teeth, the arch of your back, the fingers typing, the breathing thing you do, the thoughts. Your thoughts. How you think is beautiful; how a thought comes to mind is…a miracle, how you operate, how you are; just you. In every sense of the word; all your blood cells, neurons, organs, your limbs, your soul. You are breathtaking, mashaa’Allaah.


You can’t control the things that happen to you but you can control the way you react to them. It’s all perception.
You Again (Movie)