Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dgn jalan sabar dan mengerjakan
sembahyang; dan sesungguhnya sembahyang itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk.

Al-Baqarah 2:45


I wanna go home.

It's 1300. or in the other words, it's LUNCH TIME...!!! Thanks ma for the 40 cents lunch.

My lunch.

I'm having lunch in front of the television. While belle is on my lap. Class finished at 1145 today. The next class is at 1600. While waiting for 1600 to arrive, I better go on wif my works. N have a peek at my blog here. especially as IT HAD BEEN 5 DAYS since the last time i updated my blog. Frustrated, Hurt, Confused, is what's in me these few days. N I'm trying hard to make myself starve. HAHAHA. As if I don't have anything else to do.

What's on my mind is that I'm feeling like running away. But what I always know is RUNNING AWAY wouldn't solve anything. No. N I'm counting the days. It's 20 days left. LALALA~
I wanna go home.

Another aeroplane,

Another sunny place,

I'm lucky,
I know,

But I want to go home,
I've got to go home,
Let me go home
Im just too far,
From where you are,
I've got to come home,
Let me come home,
I've had my run,
Baby i'm down,
I want to come home

I missed singing to Gomok. When I sang Memori Tercinta by Shila, She ran away. But when I sang Teman by XPDC She can go on with her sleep. Not effected at all. Even a bit. Actually, she's not our cat. It started by Kak Ani always give her food. Then bit by bit she get the bravery to get into the house. N then she acted like she's one of our family member. Her fav spot is at the staircase. N Utop's bed.


This is what happened to Gomok after I sang Memori Tercipta.

I'm not a cat lover. but I don't know y. I love to entertain Mama. The cat at my block. She was called as Mama because she's a Mama. She ate keropok. Marie biscuit. Chicken of course. Especially when I can't eat chicken I gave mine to Mama.

Mama. Perasan comel la tu.

N For the last week. Starting 23 Feb, me n my beloved room mate, became a short term entrepreneur in farming. We sell Green Chillies. 1 for 35 cents. 2 for 70 cents. 3 for 90 cents. In scientific name it sounded sumting like Capsicum Frutesence.There are two trees. One named Cici another named Lili. Now, Cici is at my roomate's Lab. Lili is at my roomate's fwend.



Cici & Lili.

N presenting. If u wanted to have a container for ur stationeries with the least cost n energy. U find a bottle. 1.5 L. then cut it. then u pass it to ur roomate n ask her n her fwends 2 decorate it using ur roomate's stationery. Ask for their help when they r doing nothing. n when ur back in ur room, walla, it's done..! this is what my floormate did. =P

Ain PunYer. by Ella, Mimah & Me.

Last night, I have midsem for Alam Dan Manusia. N poor my floormate. I accidentally took her notes for Alam. Bcoz I'm rushing to class, I took what's on my bed thinking it's mine. Sorry dear. 100 ques. Done.

While I'm still typing here. It's Buletin Utama time. So much of politic lately. I'm kind of tired of watching or reading the news. Please politician, be professional. U r there because we choose u. So, do help us. n do sumting for Malaysia's Economy. The Economy is bad. A friend expressed her feelings about this politic thingy. Go girl...! =)

Not to be forgotten. Bulat gave me some kind of award thingy. He posted this in his blog. Because I lost my lappy b4. N found it again. Funny. Losing Things. But then, no more next time. I do hope so.

from bulat.

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You know what’s beautiful?

Your eyes blinking, your pupils dilating when you’re euphoric, the curve of your smile, the shade of your teeth, the arch of your back, the fingers typing, the breathing thing you do, the thoughts. Your thoughts. How you think is beautiful; how a thought comes to mind is…a miracle, how you operate, how you are; just you. In every sense of the word; all your blood cells, neurons, organs, your limbs, your soul. You are breathtaking, mashaa’Allaah.


You can’t control the things that happen to you but you can control the way you react to them. It’s all perception.
You Again (Movie)